Sutherland, a True Pioneer in Organics

Sutherland Produce Sales, Inc. (Sutherland Produce) is a privately-held sales agent and distributor of top-quality organic produce. It offers a wide variety of certified organic fruit and vegetables including citrus, table grapes, melons, hard fruit, stone fruit, and vegetables that include potatoes, peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers among others. The company was founded in 1987 by Bill Sutherland who is widely considered a true pioneer in organics and one of the most influential players in helping to define, shape and establish universal standards and laws that govern organic farming and the industry today.

The company serves customers ranging from small regional wholesalers and distributors to leading retailers like Whole Foods Market. It is the proud recipient of the prestigious “XXXX” Blue Book rating and a Blue Book trading member since 2004.

About Sutherland

Organically Delicious Fruit

Organically delicious is not just another marketing tagline. It’s a commitment. A commitment that began even before there was a Sutherland Produce. It began when Bill Sutherland first discovered and tasted the organic difference almost 40 years ago. After a decade in the field, Sutherland Produce was founded on a commitment to deliver fresh from farm to kitchen the best tasting organically grown fruit from top organic growers in the West. Growers, most with Sutherland since the beginning, who share in this commitment to consistently provide the finest organic fruit possible, while maintaining the strictest organic standards and the highest regard for a sustainable environment.

Organically delicious…it’s what your customers deserve and what makes Sutherland Produce your source for top-quality, organic produce.

Organic Fruit
Citrus Grapes Hard Fruit Stone Fruit Melons

Organically Delicious Vegetables

Fresh, nutritious and organically delicious. That’s what you can expect every time from Sutherland Produce and its quality growers. Like all of our produce, our commitment to delivering the best tasting organically grown vegetables is a commitment we don’t take lightly. It’s a commitment and tradition that Sutherland, the man, industry pioneer and successful company, has stood for since the very beginning, almost 40 years ago. We pride ourselves on representing only the best growers who have proven themselves over the years to grow and consistently deliver the finest-tasting organic vegetables at fair and reasonable prices, enabling them to maintain best practices in environmentally responsible farming.

Organically delicious…it’s what your customers deserve and what makes Sutherland Produce your source for top-quality, organic produce.

Organic Vegetables
Potatoes Peppers Tomatoes Cucumbers Summer Squash

Organically Certified Growers

Since 1977, Bill Sutherland has played an active role in helping define, shape and establish the standards of organic farming. So when he founded Sutherland Produce in 1987, he understood the importance of representing only the best quality growers. They would need to share his commitment for producing the best-tasting, nutritiously delicious organic produce, while adhering to the strictest sustainable agricultural standards that he and other pioneers worked so hard to establish. He would consider his growers true partners, working with them to deliver consistent quality and value from farm to table. As a result, both Sutherland and its growers would prosper, and in very short order, the company would earn the prestigious “XXXX” Blue Book rating.

Today, Sutherland Produce represents organically certified growers, many from the company’s first days, throughout California, the Pacific Northwest and Mexico.

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