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Carleton Organics is a family-owned farm located in the Klamath Basin outside the small town of Merrill, Oregon. It farms approximately 6000 acres and specializes in a diverse crop base of potatoes, alfalfa hay, grass hay, grain, wheat and barley. With the increasing demand for organic produce, Carleton moved to organic practices for its potatoes, alfalfa and grain crops and became organically certified in 2009.

The farm’s many varieties of organic potatoes include Russet Norkotahs, red fingerlings, purples, Klamath pearls, reds and yellows and are marketed under the Stukel Mountain brand name. They are grown on about 1000 acres, most bordering Klamath Lake.

The Carleton Farm became a “century” farm in 2009 after farming some of the same soil since the family purchased the first 80 acres of Klamath Basin land in 1909. For generations, the Carleton’s have dedicated themselves to being good stewards of the land and believe in a promising future with sustainable farming. Currently, the farm utilizes five separate solar energy sites as part of their commitment to the environment and sustainability. It is also currently building a state-of-the-art packaging facility that is yet another step in the company’s drive to become a leader in top-quality organic products and supplies.

Carleton Organics is the newest member of Sutherland Produce’s quality growers.



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Located in the Klamath Basin outside the small town of Merrill, Oregon

Russet Norkotahs, Red andYellow Potatoes
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