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In 1989, Don Enrique Camou, Carlos Bon and Alan Aquirre started Grupo Alta with a small table grape vineyard and a business philosophy based on the values of generations of family farming. Their respect for the land and all those that would grow, handle, sell and consume their produce would lead them to commit early on in 1991 to sustainable agriculture, becoming organically certified in 1993.

Today, Grupo Alta is one of Mexico’s most important agricultural companies, supplying fresh fruits and vegetables to customers around the world. Stemming from its original table grape vineyard, the company now operates farms totaling upwards of 7000 acres located in Baja California and throughout Sonora, Sinaloa, Guanajuarto and Jalisco, Mexico. In addition to grapes, Grupo Alta produces organically delicious hot house vegetables (Bell Pepper, Mini Pepper, Cucumber, and Tomatoes), Watermelon (mini and regular), Melons (Cantaloupe and Honeydew), Peaches and Pecan nuts.

In 2006, the partners created and launched a grower-owned distribution company, known as Divine Flavor. This subsidiary organization and brand would further enhance the freshness, flavor and safety of their produce by streamlining distribution, reducing handling, improving delivery, lowering costs and increasing food safety precautions. Grupo Alta fruits and vegetables are also distributed under the Heavens Best brand and are equally famous for delivering consistent great taste, freshness and value.

As a company, Grupo Alta is recognized for its extraordinary commitment to human values and the wellbeing of it workers, offering quality training, housing, meal service, recreational facilities and resident medical and dental service. It continually looks for social responsible certifications or recognitions that allow ongoing improvement of their labor practices and standards. As a grower, its commitment to food safety and quality is second to none and supported by annual audits and certification by third party certifiers to meet the highest standards set by the agricultural industry. Current certifications include: GlobalGAP, MexicoGAP, PrimusGFS, Mexico Supreme Quality, US FDA, Organic Certification (CCOF) and Environmental Quality (PROFEPA) as well as Fairtrade FLO and Fair Trade USA social responsibility certifications. The company is also security compliant with C-TPAT, a joint initiative with the US government and private sector designed to strengthen boarder security.


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