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Naylor Organics is a family-owned farm located in the central San Joaquin Valley of California. Mike and Nori Naylor own 95 acres; 65 acres of which are currently planted in stone fruit. They specialize in peaches and nectarines, both yellow and white fleshed. The Naylor’s have farmed since 1979 converting to organic practices in 1985. They began the certification process in 1995 and became certified organic in 1998.

Mike’s father and grandfather also were farmers. His grandfather grew strawberries in the mid-1930s. Everyone knew Naylor’s strawberries were the best, ultimately gaining him the title of “Strawberry King.” His attention to quality was then applied to growing peaches. Nectar peaches are juicy and aromatic and big. Grandpa Naylor chose the label “Naylor’s Peaches – World’s Best” for his wooden packing boxes.

Mike, like his grandfather and father, prides himself in producing the best-tasting, highest quality fruit possible. Peaches are packed ripe in the orchard by hand under the shade of the trees. He works closely with buyers to ensure that the fruit arrives as fresh as possible to the customer. Naylor’s attention to quality has been recognized by retailers and consumers as well as by other farmers.  Also, like his grandfather, Mike planted a variety of nectar peaches that he named “Goldline” peaches.  The name comes from the unique orange strip on the suture that contrasts with the white flesh of the fruit.  They grow as big as grapefruits and are juicy and aromatic.  They are the last of Naylor’s fruit to be picked in the season and usually ripen in early August.  The Goldlines, however, come with a Warning label!  “Addictive behavior has been observed in consumers of this product.  Symptoms include: excessive drooling, juice-stained clothing, and lingering thoughts such as… When will the Goldlines be ready?”


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Located in Dinuba, California

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