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Noonan Farms

Noonan Farms, located in the beautiful Klamath Falls Basin has been in operation for twenty years. Mike and Karin Noonan are the owners and operators of this rich and bountiful earth that is host to 15,000 acres of the highest quality of organic alfalfa, soft white wheat, barley, oat seed, potatoes, carrots and sweet onions.
The name Noonan Farms is synonymous with quality, integrity, and dependability. The Noonan family and their dedicated team of employees plant, grow and harvest their multiple acres with the same care and intricacy a green thumb enthusiast gives their own prize winning garden. Their service is only complete with a guarantee of a personal and timely delivery. This hands-on and personable approach to farming coupled with the innovative wetlands project, make Noonan Farms the strongest of candidates when buying organic.



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Klamath Falls Basin, Klamath Falls, Oregon

Potatoes, carrots, sweet onions, white wheat, barley and oat seed
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