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Rucker Homestead

The Rucker Homestead story begins in 1955 when Roy Rucker, a WW II veteran, was granted a piece of farmland by the US Government to homestead in Mecca, California (Coachella Valley). Half the acreage would need to be put into agricultural production before title to the land could be transferred. Since the land was very porous, a costly cement irrigation system was installed and was irrigated by a series of canals from the Colorado River. After a great effort to level the desert land, it was irrigated and readied for planting.

Today, after over 50 years of an organically grown tradition, the Rucker Homestead brand is a strong as ever. Bruce, Roy’s son, continues to help coordinate the farming, harvesting and packing operation. Modern micro spray irrigation now hydrates the land, which is rich in minerals deposited by the ancient sea. A combination of warm weather and rich soil is instrumental in producing very flavorful winter citrus and table grapes.

Still packed in the Rucker Homestead brand are organic citrus crops including grapefruit, Minneola tangelos, Royal Mandarins and lemons as well as organic red, green and black seedless table grapes.

Bill Sutherland of Sutherland Produce Sales, Inc. has sold the Rucker’s organic fruit from the beginning. The Rucker’s and Bill Sutherland have a history that spans over 30 years.


Located in Mecca, California

Grapefruit, Minneola tangelos, Royal Mandarins, Lemons, Red, Green and Black seedless table grapes
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