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Odilon Anguiaro

Organic Sales

Odilon Anguiano joined Sutherland Produce in 2006 as Organic Sales Director responsible for all domestic fruit and vegetable sales, including grower supply management, supply chain logistics, and wholesaler, distributor and retail customer service. He brings to the company 30 years of firsthand experience in all aspects of organic farming from growing, harvesting and packing to the delivery of fresh, top-quality produce to retail through wholesalers, distributors and/or direct means.

Prior to joining Sutherland, Odilon worked for Ferrari Farms in Linden, California since 1984. It was here where he developed his organic farming expertise harvesting peaches, apples, and plums among others; learning best packing and packaging techniques, processing orders, coordinating logistics and selling the farm’s quality produce.

Odilon is well-known and respected for his dedication and knowledge of the organic produce business. When he is not working with his growers and customers, you may find him playing soccer or taking a long walk to reflect on the day.

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Odilon Anguiano

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